Chiropractic Testimonials

"The Amato Clinic was recommended to me by a friend. I recently had a car accident and was experiencing neck and back pain. They did a full exam, X-rays, and evaluation and set down a treatment plan for me for recovery. Everyone in the clinic is wonderful, kind, and caring. Two weeks into my eight weeks treatment plan and I'm feeling better. Thank you Amato Clinic."

- Peggy C.

"I had an excellent experience. Dr. Amato is thorough, professional, and personable. I was in severe pain and I have no symptoms, today. The staff is amazing as well. Chiropractic care can resolve many health issues as well. The results speak volumes!"

- Donna T.

"Dr. McEachin is very thorough, friendly, and results-oriented. I didn't really trust the idea of a chiropractic medicine but finally decided I had nothing to lose--and my neck and back are soooooo much better. I highly recommend the Amato Clinic."

- Pam W.

"I'm so thankful for such a wonderful staff and amazing chiropractic care! Dr. Amato helps keep me doing what I love most."

- Tiffany D.

"Great staff, I feel like a new person after leaving me from my adjustments!"

- Cory B.

"I love how they accommodated my pain and tried to come to an immediate solution."

- Helen M.

"My first visit went amazingly well. I was super nervous going in but can't wait till my next appointment. The staff was very friendly and easy to talk to. I recommend this place just from one session."

- Abigail D.

"I work construction, but I also was in an accident that left me with a headache for 4 months. The Amato Clinic has not only addressed the everyday wear and tear issues they’ve given me the first 48 hrs headache-free in 4 months."

- Kent M.

"Wonderful experience! The staff is friendly and professional and helpful. Clear treatment plan."

- Brittany A.